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10 Beauty Vloggers You Need to Know About


There’s nothing like relaxing, logging in to YouTube and binge-watching videos from your favorite beauty vloggers. Whether it’s a hair tutorial or a new smokey eye tutorial that you're looking for — there are some beauty guru's you just need to know about.

These 10 bloggers always give me new ideas and tips and make amazing tutorials on YouTube. I can't recommend them enough and think you all need to go and check them out now.

10. ChloeCori 

For the most part, Chloe’s makeup tutorials are usually very soft and easy to do! We have similar facial features (full lips, big eyes) so it’s easy to follow her tips and advice on new makeup products! She's very conversational in her videos which makes following along even more of a breeze.

Visit Chloe Cori on YouTube

9. Glamaholic54

Jayla Watson is my GO-TO vlogger for fashion tips! She is probably the only blogger I am subscribed to that focuses more on fashion than makeup. She definitely always gives me ideas on what to buy and how to wear the clothes I already have! She is super stylish.

Visit Glamaholic54 on YouTube

8. NitraaB

I LOVE Nitra’s Southern Drawl (I’m from the South too, girl!) and huge personality! Nitra is a makeup artist so this is my go-to vlogger for the more dramatic looks! Nitra always plays with her hair color and length; one day she has a blonde bob and the next she’s a brunette with long, curly hair! She is a natural in front of the camera and her tutorials are always on point.

Visit NitraaB on YouTube

7. SunKissAlba

 Alba is a beauty who only uses organic makeup! I can’t say that I do, but it’s great to know certain products to buy that are less harmful to the skin if I ever did want to take that route. Alba also has curly, natural hair and I love the watch her hair tutorials for ideas when I want to wear my afro in a curly state!

Visit SunKissAlba on YouTube

6. AndreasChoice

Andrea doesn’t upload as much as she used to, but when she does her videos are always great! Andrea has a sassy on camera personality that makes you feel like your listening to one of your best friends give you makeup and hair advice.

Visit AndreasChoice on YouTube

5. ItsMyRayeRaye

Raye is absolutely GORGEOUS and her makeup looks are amazing! I remember re-creating one of her looks step-by-step through her tutorials. She makes super-dramatic makeup looks super easy to follow! Her chill yet silly personality always shines through on camera.

Visit ItsMyRayeRaye on YouTube

4. MissGlamorazzi

I’ve always loved watching Ingrid on YouTube! We don't have similar hair or a similar skin complexion, so I can’t always take her makeup or hair advice, but watching her videos always makes me feel like I’m watching a legit TV show. They are so professional and organized. Ingrid comes off as the sweetest person on the internet.

Visit MissGlamorazzi on YouTube

3. GlamTwinz334

I remember when I discovered Kelsey and Kendra’s channel; I binge watched almost all of their videos! I love these twins because they are so consistent with makeup tutorials AND hair tutorials, separately and combined.

Visit GlamTwinz334 on YouTube

2. ThatsHeart

 Heart is another vlogger whose sweetness just shines through the camera! Heart keeps her tutorials simple and to the point, perfect for everyday wear. Her videos are always so bright and fun!

Visit ThatsHeart on YouTube

1. Naptural85

When I decided to go natural (stop getting my hair chemically straightened and wear my afro) Whitney’s channel definitely helped me out! I didn’t know WHAT to do to my hair and she just made it look so simple. Almost 2 years later, I still try out her hair tutorials faithfully!

Visit Naptural85 on YouTube

Photo credit: adapted from natasia.causse | Flickr

What is your favorite YouTube channel for makeup and/or hair? Share in the comments!

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