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10 Houseplants You Can Find at Any Garden Center


 I love visiting garden centers – for me, it ranks pretty high up on the list of things that make me happy. Each trip is different because you never know what treasure you will find in each new location. One of my favourite things to hunt for in a garden center are plants that instead of enjoying in your outdoor garden, you can bring them inside where they’ll make good houseplants.

Now is prime time hunting season for those hidden houseplants since many of the garden centers will be closing down for the season and they’re filled with great bargains.

1. Spider Plant

One of the easiest plants to grow just give them indirect light and water. Keep them pot bound to get them to send off spider plantlets.

 2. English Ivy

Enjoy filtered light and like to be kept moist. They grow best out of drafts.

3. Licorice Plant

Lovely small silver leafs make nice hanging baskets. They can survive with some neglect.

4. Dracena Spikes

These can grow into nice houseplants getting up to several feet tall and can tolerate indirect light.

5. Bloodleaf Plant

Keep them in bright light in loamy soil.

6. Sweet Potato Vine

Keep them in bright light and water when necessary. They are easy to propagate from stem cuttings if your plant is getting too leggy.

7. Polka Dot Plant

Fun little plants add a dash of color to your decor; keep them in indirect light and water regularly.

8. Coleus

Need bright light and regular watering available is a stunning variety of colors, pinch off the top to make them bush out a bit.

9. Creeping Jenny

Bright green foliage makes great hanging baskets; they need bright light to thrive.

10. Rex Begonia

Known for their interesting leaves, these plants require high humidity and do best in terrariums.

Photo credit: adapted from crabchick | Flickr

Where is your favorite place to buy your houseplants?

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