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3 Books to Get You Through Those Cold Winter Nights


There’s nothing more I’d like to do all winter long is have a perfectly reasonably excuse to stay in bed all day and all night. Thankfully, my profession allows me the luxury of cozying it up under soft, pillowy sheets every once and a while as the snow trickles down. And one of my favourite excuses to stay in bed is reading a book.

You know, the sort of books that beacon you at the wee hours of midnight to almost 3 o’ clock in the morning? Yes, those are my kind of books. So tis the season to stay inside this winter, and take a gander at these three amazing books that will have you turning pages until the snow outside has melted:

1. Never Let Me Go

Let me start off by saying that I did what no English major is ever supposed to do before diving into a book, and that is watch its film adaptation first. But had it not been for me accidentally stumbling upon the movie one lonely Netflix-night I probably would have never read the book at all. Kazuo Ishiguro should just be called “The Man Who Makes Other Men Cry” because that’s exactly what I did reading this book, and the tear-stains on my own personal copy are proof of just that. Never Let Me Go is a twisted love story surrounding three childhood companions raised at Hailsham, a private school which shelters them from the outside world, until they are of adolescent age. Convinced that life outside Hailsham would be of purpose and meaning, the trio discover the harsh truths behind their sheltered upbringing and the deceptive practices of their society.

2. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

If you want to spend your winter laughing all day long then I’d suggest reading Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) right now! This book speaks to modern, adolescent souls and even those who are more seasoned to the unfashionable memories of their youth. I found myself relating with Mindy’s childhood almost too perfectly: the difficulties with childhood buttheads, discovering who your “real” friends are versus those wanting to take advantage of your kindness, but more importantly, the everyday struggle to make your dreams come true in this world. If you are someone interested in reading about the peaks and pitfalls of a rising actress, someone who likes to read against the grain, or you just have an overall adoration for the underdog, then this is the book for you!

3. The Death of Bees

What do two young sisters do at the reality of their parents’ mysterious death? There is really no clear way to handle or manage a loss like this, and the rebellious Marnie and her seemingly childish sister Nelly are no different. But when their curious but kind stranger next door, Lennie, discovers his young neighbors living alone and by themselves, he understands right away that they need his help to puzzle the pieces together again. But when friends, family and the local authorities get involved, more and more details unearth surrounding the conspicuous demise of Marnie and Nelly’s parents. The Death of Bees is a pure gold novel from start to finish. Lisa O’Donnell’s novel is of the extraordinary kind, one that refuses to be put down.

Notable Titles That I’m Currently Reading:

Nobody Is Ever Missing – Catherine Lacey

Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath – Mimi Alford

Girl, Interrupted – Susanna Kaysen

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What is your favorite book to read when it’s too cold to go outside?

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