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4 Movies You Must Watch On Netflix This Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner, you guys. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be snacking on Christmas cookies and Instagramming selfies with your adorable pet(s). But if there’s anything I enjoy more than eating cookies and playing with my cat all night, it’s watching feel-good movies with my friends and family, and I’m sure some of you do too! So if you need any suggestions as to what flicks to bring to the big get-together, I’ve got you covered.

All you need to have is a Netflix account (which is well worth the $7.99/mth) and simply kickback to these four heart-warming flicks with the ones you love most:

1. Silver Linings Playbook

I’m a major fan of rom-coms and when I first watched Silver Linings Playbook I couldn’t help but cry a few times in the process. The chemistry that Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have is simply undeniable, and even more spectacular on screen. Despite their characters being most dysfunctional when their together the bond these two uncanny love birds develop as the story progresses is darn right envious. As rare as it may be, if you ever read the actual book itself, as I did, you’ll be happy to know the two are equally amazing!

2. Grease

Is there really anything better than reliving an 80s classic on Christmas (not counting granny’s homemade chocolate chip cookies of course)? I don’t know if there is. I am a huge 80s buff, and re-watching Grease for the hundredth time is just a friendly reminder that I was born a decade late. If you’ve yet to watch this classic you’re definitely missing out on something special. From the timeless music numbers, to the do-wop-pop ditties we all know (by heart) and love, Grease gives the family a totally reasonable excuse to shimmy and shake all night long.

3. Safe Haven

Let’s face it, Nicholas Sparks has made a name in the movie industry as one of the greatest contributors to romantic films. The eight film-adapted novel of Sparks’ collection is one to remember, following the story of the mysterious Katie and her lifelong escape from her horrid past. It isn’t until she meets Alex, the handsome widower who, too, is haunted by events from his own past, that she finally confronts the secrets that have kept her quiet for so long. If you’re looking for a real love story that tugs away at the heart, string-by-string, you certainly will want to tune in to one of Sparks greatest romances to date.

4. Blue Valentine

One of the sweetest and most charming stories ever told is that of Cindy and Dean of Blue Valentine. I was lucky enough to stumble upon this title one night during my junior year of college and I’ve never loved Ryan Gosling more. The movie is very flashback-heavy, and unlike most love stories, the highs and lows of this couple’s seemingly crippled relationship are exactly what make the film so extraordinary. If you want to bring something different to the big screen this Christmas, try your hand with Blue Valentine, and I dare you not to fall prey to the pair’s magnetic chemistry.

These are some of my favourite flicks to watch on Netflix, and I’ll most certainly be watching them come Christmas time.

Photo credit: adapted from triplezero | Flickr

Which flicks will you be sharing with your friends and family this Christmas?

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