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5 Alternative Uses for Pizza Cutters


Cooking a homemade pizza is one of the most satisfying meals to make. The unlimited topping options and relatively economical price makes it a favourite for everyone from large families to ageing spinsters eating over the sink, swatting away her cats.

Pulling that pizza out of the oven and grabbing your trusty pizza cutter and slicing through that pie leaving perfect slices of cheesy goodness is the perfect lead up to a wonderfully fulfilling meal.

But, is that all a pizza cutter is good for? Is it designed for only one solitary job, waiting for ‘Pizza Fridays’ and then cast aside for another week? The answer is NO – your pizza cutter can do so much more.

1. For sandwiches

Your kids hate crust on their sandwiches? All kids do, so when you’re making all those school lunches, line up the sandwiches and *slice* all the crusts gone – just like that

 2. Herb cutter

Hate dicing herbs for your favourite recipe? Just roll your pizza cutter over them and they are perfectly diced.

 3. Homemade pasta

Homemade pasta is all the rage right now. It’s healthier, fresher and fun to make, but above all, you can customize your pasta anyway you like. Instead of cookie cutters or large knifes, reach for that pizza cutter and cut perfect strips anyway you like, anytime!

 4. Pancake squares

Use your pizza cutter to slice up some bite-size squares of pancakes or french toast for breakfast.  Your kids will love it.

 5. Fudge cutter

Baking fudge? The denseness of fudge makes using a pizza cutter to slice it up into pieces the perfect combo.

So, the next time you are in need of cutting something, think “can I use a pizza cutter?” Chances are, with its rolling blade and easy to grip handle, the answer will be “Yes!”

Photo credit: adapted from SkyFireXII | Flickr

What are some unusual ways you can think of for a pizza cutter? Share in the comments!

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Patrick McGuinness

Patrick McGuinness is an attorney-by-day and Neftlix-binger by night who likes baseball and can quote PLL like a boss. He lives in Toronto with his stunning girlfriend who makes fun of him for his TV choices.

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