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5 Game-Changing Apps That Make Parenting Easier


I can’t think of a single person, let alone a mother who doesn’t have a smartphone and who doesn’t love an app to make her life easier.  My smartphone is my life line — I use it for everything including the occasional phone call.  Over the past five and a half years, I’ve come across some apps I truly couldn’t live without in managing my household and tracking important information in my children’s lives.

I know there are so many apps out there to make parents lives easier, but I’ve highlighted my top five favorites that I don’t think any parent should go without if they’re in possession of a smartphone.

1. Total Baby

Available for iPhone, iPad and iTouch for $4.99.  It tracks all aspects of your children’s care through a smart, easy to use interface. Touted as the most comprehensive baby tracking app and recommended by many parents as a must have, it tracks feedings, immunizations, nap length, time nursing (and on what side), growth, allergies and milestones. Bonus feature for the mom of multiples trying to remember, “which baby did I feed last?”.

2. Artkive

Stakes it claim as “the clutter free way to save and enjoy your child’s artwork”. Available in the Apple app store and Google play, simply take a photo, compile an album and create an art book to be shipped directly to your house. An easy way to catalog each of your children’s art work over the years.

3. LactMed

Available on Google Play at the Apple app store (free!) it’s part of the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET®) database that catalogs dietary supplements and drugs that may interact with breastfeeding.

4. Sleep Machine Lite

My youngest is our difficult sleeper and we quickly learned that a sound machine helped drown out outside noises, however we’ve traveled and forgotten the sound machine or needed it unexpectedly. Introducing a free sound machine app for my iPhone (and iPad), helping babies sleep on the go.

5. PBS Kids

A free app that saved my sanity more times than I can count. It’s a child friendly, safe TV viewing app for those times you need to settle an unruly child (especially when out and about). Available in the Apple app store and Google Play.

Some honorable mentions, which are standard with my phone but get a lot of use are my iCalendar, Reminders, Timer. (Disclaimer: I get zero kickbacks for mentioning these apps — the creators don’t know I exist. I only want to share the awesomeness).

Photo credit: adapted from ivyfield | Flickr

What apps are a must have on your phone? I’d love to add to my favorites, comment below and let me in on your app secrets!

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Lindsey Williams

Lindsey Williams is a former elementary and special education teacher turned stay at home mom with a writing job on the side. She’s a native Bostonian married to a southerner raising a family of blondes in the Queen City. Lindsey wants to do it all and believes she can with some coffee and a color-coded to-do list.

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