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5 Organizational Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Tidy


I believe the bathroom can be both the dirtiest and cleanest room at any given time, but if you have children it’s usually the latter.  After potty training one of my children (read: messy toilet users), I’ve found some helpful tips to keeping the bathroom a bit more tidy — at least clean enough until it gets a weekly deep clean!

If you’re tired of  your unruly bathroom, but don’t want to have to deep clean it daily, here are 5 tips to organize your bathroom that will change your life.

1. Keep plastic bags nearby

I found keeping a bag holder with plastic bags hanging in my linen closet to help with the messy clean ups (diapers) or refilling the garbage can. When I go to empty the trash I have immediate access to a fresh bag ready to line the trash can. I find it quick and easy, saving me both time and a larger mess.

2. Have disinfecting wipes around

I swear by disinfecting wipes — in almost every room. The bathroom is no exception. Between the messy toothpaste splatter, cloth diaper splatter (if you know what I mean) and the urine splatter I find these wipes an invaluable tool for me. It’s hard enough keeping the bathroom from smelling like a latrine, so daily wipe downs with a disinfecting wipe cut back on the smell and keep the bathroom from getting nasty between weekly scrub downs.

3. Wipe the tub after every use

Most nights one or both of the kids gets a quick bath. During the summer months it’s easy to see the ‘ring of dirt’ lining the tub. After the bath I quickly wipe it down avoiding the grime to stick and making the bathtub less unsightly.

4. Keep cleaning supplies under the sink

I’m lucky enough to have a large double sink with ample cabinet space in the kids bathroom allowing me to store a large supply of toilet paper and cleaning supplies designated for that bathroom. I used to keep a weekly cleaning schedule but we all know bathrooms need more attention, so having cleaning supplies handy allows me to quickly scrub the toilet or wash down the counter tops if it’s needed. It takes a few minutes of my time and can be done quickly before a kid needs me for something.

5. Hang your towels!

If you’re able provide hooks or an easy “hanging system” for towels you’ll want to teach your kids to use it! As soon as they’re able to hang up their own towels your bathroom will immediately look neater.

Photo credit: adapted from .Great Grandpa & Grandma T. | Flickr

How do you keep your bathroom clean and tidy.  Do you have any organizational tips to share? I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier!

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Lindsey Williams

Lindsey Williams is a former elementary and special education teacher turned stay at home mom with a writing job on the side. She’s a native Bostonian married to a southerner raising a family of blondes in the Queen City. Lindsey wants to do it all and believes she can with some coffee and a color-coded to-do list.

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