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6 Date Ideas When You Only Have Twenty Minutes


It doesn't matter how old or new your relationship is, taking time to connect is important. It will help solidify your connection and keep the happy vibes going — because if it's been a while since you've gone on a date, your relationship will show it.

So, it's important, but how are we supposed to find the time without it just feeling like another thing we have to do in our week? Simple — take the pressure off and fit it in where you can. Connecting and going on a date doesn't have to be a full-evening event so stop using that excuse for the reason you haven't connected in a while.

All you need is 20-minutes and and a spark with someone and that connection will stay strong and happy because everyone has 20 minutes here and there.

1. Go for coffee

If you're like any average adult, you probably drink coffee — or tea — or Diet Cola and we always find time to do that at least once a day so why not ask someone to join you?

2. Surprise at work for lunch

I know this isn't possible for everyone, but if you are able to surprise your partner when they're at work to enjoy lunch — do it. Even if you have to eat in their office, at least you can enjoy a meal together and I bet it boosts your afternoon productivity.

3. Go for a walk

Make time for two things we should be doing more often in one swoop.

4. Run a quick errand

I know that a trip to Target isn't romantic, but if you have to go anyway — take your partner too. Leave the kids with a babysitter, get what you need to get and maybe pick up a little treat for each other too.

5. Phone/Skype date

If your partner works long hours or is out on a business trip, there's no reason you have to wait until they come back for you to connect. Sign yourself up for a Skype account or open up your FaceTime app and have a romantic conversation.

6. Stay in bed a little longer

There's no need to have a date at the end of the work day when the evening hits — why not take one in the morning. Stay in bed and cuddle for a few extra minutes or enjoy a shower then breakfast together.

Photo credit: adapted from Denise Mayumi | Flickr

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