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6 Fun First Date Ideas Beyond Going for Coffee


Have you guys seen that episode of Friends where they sit in a coffee shop …. yeah, pretty boring, right?  Girls like a guy that can be creative and they like to see that you’ve actually planned something and when it comes to first dates, going for a cup of coffee (or latte, espresso, whatever you’re calling it) doesn’t require any thought and that’s so not creative.

Why take that girl you’ve been eyeing for weeks on the lamest first date ever? You don’t have any ideas — don’t worry — I’m here to help! Here are a few good and fun ideas to check out.

1. Bowling

Yes, that’s way too high school I know, but there is nothing wrong with some friendly competition in a low-stress environment. Guys, make sure that when you rent your bowling shoes, grab a pair a little larger 😉

2. Try taking in a play or show.

Usually you can find something entertaining for any price range. It’s a bit classier than a movie, and you can take advantage of the intermission to show off your intellectual side and wow her with your incites.

3. Live music is another great idea.

Nothing large like a Justin Beiber concert, it’ll be tough to have a conversation over screaming pre-teens, but something local. Small and intimate. It’s perfect to set the mood and enjoy each others company.

4. An afternoon picnic.

If the afternoon is the only time you can meet, a picnic in the park or on the beach is a fun and simple way to get some one-on-one time. Picnics are easy and fit any budget — all you need is some veggies + dip, a couple beers, and a perfect sunny day and there you go.

5. Take your date to a Trivia Night at your local pub.

You two can bond over beers and how much you know (or don’t know) about 80’s music and celebrity couples.

6. Two words: Dance Class!

Talk about getting close and personal while you try not to step on her feet and simultaneously remember which steps are coming up.

Try some of these ideas for an exciting and fun first date, but remember, nothing brings two people closer together than breaking down you walls and just letting it all go. Keep it light, fun and casual and you’ll snag that second date… and third.

Photo credit: adapted from Emily Rachel Hildebrand | Flickr

What are your favorite first date ideas? Share in the comments!

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Patrick McGuinness

Patrick McGuinness is an attorney-by-day and Neftlix-binger by night who likes baseball and can quote PLL like a boss. He lives in Toronto with his stunning girlfriend who makes fun of him for his TV choices.

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