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6 Must-Know Tips to Keep Your Blonde Hair Bright


What’s the term again? “Blondes have more” — while I don’t know if that’s true, what I do know from living as a blonde my whole life is if you want your blonde to last, look good, and shine — you need to take care of it. It takes a little work and effort on your part if you’re looking for bright hair that gets noticed for its beauty rather than the imperfections that can often plague processed hair.

If you’re rocking the blonde look and wondering why you can’t seem to keep it white and bright — here are some tips that you must know for keeping your hair in its tip-top color.

1. The salon is your friend

Sure you can buy bleach kits from the store and generally that’s way cheaper than going to the salon, but some things are just worth the money. Going blonde is one of them — for anyone with light to dark hair (especially important if you have dark hair). Your salon professional will ensure you’re getting the right shade without destroying your hair in the process — which is easier to do than you think.

2. Purple is your color

If you’ve ever had blond hair and noticed it kind of turns a brassy color or has a yellow hue to it — it’s common for blondes. I had this issue big time until I found out about the awesome invention — purple shampoo! It contains anti-yellowing agents in it that prevent the unwanted yellow tones that often creep up for blondes. The product I use is SILVER by L’Oreal Professional, but have heard great things about Redkin Blonde Glam Perfect Platinum.

3. Skip the shower

For anyone who has color treated hair, washing too much can not only strip your color, but can leave your hair void of any moisturizers. If you’re not naturally blonde (even if you just have a few highlights), moisturizer will be your best friend to prevent dryness that comes from bleaching. If you can, wash your hair every third day (or longer if you can stand it). Dry shampoo will quickly become your friend — and it’s worth it (bonus, pretty much all the dry shampoos blend well with your blonde locks).

4. Hydrate that stuff

Having blonde hair and making frequent-ish trips to the salon for brightening can do a doozie on your hair. Having a good hydrating mask for your help will help keep your hair soft and manageable instead of dry and brittle. I use a coconut oil on my mask — it’s natural, doesn’t have a smell to it and its only one ingredient. Take some coconut oil and rub into your hair. Leave on as long as you’re comfortable with (if you’re not going out, keep it in for a few hours) and then wash out. Your hair will thank you!

5. Take care in the pool

Chlorine makes your hair turn green — really. And green + blonde is not the hottest look for anyone, especially when it’s so obviously not a fashion statement you’re trying to make. Take extra precautions when you’re swimming in the pool by wetting your hair before you get in the water and bonus if you’ve already got leave-in conditioner on.

6. Reduce the heat

Blonde hair tends to be dryer than other colors and adding heat often to your blonde can make it even more dry and prone to break. Try limiting your use of the hairdryer, curlers, and flat irons and if you absolutely must use the heat — use the coolest setting you can.

Photo credit: adapted from Ryan Tansey | Flickr

What tips have you picked up along the way to care for your blonde hair?

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