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6 Totally Appropriate Movies To Watch On A Date


I’m not hard to please. If anything, my ideal date would have something to do with staying at home. Whether it’s baking cookies for him, playing card games together or doing something different, like a social gathering with friends, I don’t really care so long as I’m with that special someone. Some of the best dates I’ve ever been on were movie related. Dinner and movie couldn’t be more romantic to me: You see it on the TV shows and you read about it in books where the guy wraps his arm over your shoulder — movie dates are a timeless tradition and I want to keep with that tradition as well.

So to help make your pickings a lot easier on you, here are six totally appropriate movies to watch on a date if you’re planning to stay in:

1. Good Dick (starring Jason Ritter & Marianna Palka)

As misleading as the name might be, Good Dick is actually a really romantic film (no pun intended). I first watched this film on Netflix during my sophomore year of college and am so grateful that I did. Good Dick focuses in on the relationship between a mysterious, recluse woman who’s penchant for pornography attracts one movie rental clerk who is seemingly homeless. By means of curiosity and fascination, the two take their peculiar interests to a romantic level in the avant-gardesque indie flick.

2. Bridesmaids (starring Kristen Wiig & Maya Rudolph)

Want something funny to bring home to your boyfriend or girlfriend this month? Try Bridesmaids. I don’t know why I waited so long to have watched this movie (my first time watching was last year) but this flick is irresistibly funny! This gut-busting comedy gets an A for its all star cast just to begin with, but the chemistry these leading ladies have with one another is infectiously brilliant. The film revolves around Annie, a middle-aged woman who’s life takes a turn for the worst when her bakery goes down, but is cheered up when her friend Lillian asks her to be the Maid of Honor at her wedding. With a series of twists and embarrassing shenanigans in between, Bridesmaids makes for the perfect laugh out loud flick for a fun-tastic date.

3. The Notebook (starring Ryan Gosling & Rachael McAdams)

Telling the chemistry these two had in the film, you would really think they would be married with kids by now. The Notebook is one of those timeless classic romance flicks about an unlikely couple who fall in love with each other in their adolescent years but are forced to separate due to family and personal situations. But like all destined lovers, the two find their way back to each other years later and their love is as fiery and romantic as ever.

4. Up (voiced by Ed Asher & Jordan Nagai)

Definitely on my “To-Watch” list this year, Up was one of the most talked about animated flicks of Disney’s canon. I’ve yet to witness the spectacle, but from what I’ve read and heard from friends, it’s certainly a romantic animation film that makes good for cozying up with your date. The Disney flick tells the love story of childhood sweethearts Carl and Ellie, who grow old together up until a sudden illness takes her life. Despite Ellie’s passing, Carl attempts to fulfill his promise to Ellie by making their home into an airship and accidentally passengers a local boy scout who’s taken into the sky with him as well.

5. Wild (starring Reese Witherspoon & Laura Dern)

Chronicling Cheryl Stayed’s real-life 1,100-mile expedition of the Pacific Crest Trail alone, Wild is a powerful film that embodies true strength, will and grit. Through the eyes of Strayed, audiences are taken through a series of flashbacks from Strayed’s whirlwind of a childhood. Following her record of troubled and difficult life experiences to the legacy of her mother, Wild is undoubtedly a coming of age and wisdom story that you and your special someone will most certainly enjoy.

6. Into the Woods (starring Meryl Streep & Anna Kendrick)

To be honest, I’m not one for Disney flicks. I’ve always thought that after a certain age it was a little inappropriate to still get googly-eyed over those all those animation films. But Into the Woods makes for the perfect exception. Intertwining a series of fairytales into Disney’s biggest flick since last year’s Frozen, the movie mingles fables “Cinderella,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Rapunzel” and “Jack and the Beanstalk” to create an exciting, fun-filled spectacle.

Photo credit: adapted from andrewrennie | Flickr

These are just a few of my faves, but tell us some of your go-to flicks to watch on a date in the comments below!

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