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7 Common Pregnancy Aches and How to Ease Them


Pregnancy is beautiful, miraculous and oh so exciting!  It’s also full of aches and pains, most are common and not worrisome but can be annoying and sometimes slow you down. Here are seven common pregnancy aches and some tips to help ease the pain.

1. Headaches

It’s common, especially during the first trimester, to notice a dull ache squeezing your temples. With the hormonal changes to your body and everything else that is changing, a tension headache is normal.  Resting with a cool rice pack or catching a few Z’s can help alleviate the pain. If that doesn’t work, ask your doctor if it’s safe to take an over the counter pain reliever.

2. Heartburn

Are your favorite foods causing you to grab the largest bottle of antacids you can find? Unfortunately it’s common to experience heartburn during your pregnancy, even as early as the first trimester. Progesterone can relax the esophagus in the first trimester, causing that burning sensation to rise to the back of your throat. Later in pregnancy, your growing baby and expanding belly puts pressure on all the digestive organs making the burn feel like a small inferno. Hang in there and try some of these  remedies.

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3. Round Ligament Pain

The round ligament connects the front of part of your uterus to your groin. As your belly grows, the RL (round ligament) is stretched and strained. You’ll sometimes feel a snapping sensation or strain in your upper thigh/lower groin/hip area. It can be painful or simply just annoying.  It’s normal and can happen at any time during your pregnancy.  Rest will always help the pain.  You can also try stretching it out using this safe pregnancy stretching technique: place your hands and knees on the floor, lower your head to the floor, and keep your bottom in the air.

4. Swollen Feet

Cankles and sausage toes are a common problem among pregnant women. Elevating your feet on pillows above your heart while resting helps the fluid retention.  Some other easy solutions are drinking cold water and walking around.  If the swelling persists and your doctor isn’t concerned then compression stockings or leggings are a great way to keep the fluid moving.  If you experience headaches or swelling in other parts of your body, call you doctor!

5. Constipation

With the increase in hormones and the pressure on your bowels from the expanding belly it’s a common and uncomfortable problem.  Try fiber rich foods, lots of water and if that doesn’t get things moving an over the counter stool softener can help you from getting too backed up.

6. Hemorrhoids

With all the pressure and weight on your bottom and often times with the constipation, pesky hemorrhoids can pop up (no pun intended). Try not to strain when having a bowel movement, try some of the tips to help with the constipation and if needed talk to your doctor about which over the counter creams or suppositories will help keep the hemorrhoids from becoming a larger problem.

7. Backache

Probably the most common problem pregnant women have is a backache, specifically a lower backache. Not only is there added weight on your body, your center of gravity changes when pregnant and your muscles are being used and strained in a different way. Make sure to exercise daily, bend at the knees (in a squat position) when picking things up and be mindful of how much time you’re spending on your feet.  I found it helpful to wear sneakers all day long, even in the house, to give my back and body the extra cushion and support.

Keep in mind if at any time you are concerned or a common ache or pain becomes unbearable always call your doctor.  This article is not intended to replace the advice and care of a trained medical professional.

Common pregnancy achesDo you or did you suffer from these common pregnancy aches and pains? Share in the comments some tips that helped alleviate some of the pain.

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