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10 Uses for Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life


I don’t know what took me so long to enjoy the benefits of coconut oil, but I am so glad I have a steady stock of it at home. I only wish I had known about this secret years ago because this stuff is pretty awesome. Naturally gluten and dairy free, I don’t have to worry about what I am using it for and if it will be safe — it totally is.

I use it for everything and anything and it works amazingly for what I want. It can be used in cooking and baking in place of vegetable oil and with a good healthy alternative. While there are still many other uses for coconut oil that I have yet to try, here are 10 that I’ve used it for that has worked wonders for me:

1. Personal lubricant while trying to conceive

It’s not to be used with latex condoms, but if you’re trying to conceive that’s not a problem. I works well and is far more sperm-friendly than the store-brand personal lubricants. It’s totally safe for this use and with no stickiness and no smell, it’s perfect for the job.

2. Hair mask

I use the flat iron and blow dry my hair all the time, but you won’t know it by looking at my hair and that’s all thanks to coconut oil. I massage it into my scalp and then into my hair and leave on for as long as I can before showering. It restores shine and promotes growth and keeps your hair well moisturized to combat the heat from the iron.

3. Make up remover

I struggled to find a make up remover that didn’t burn my eyes or leave my skin feeling dry. I’ve found it with coconut oil. It works amazingly — just rub in in and wipe it off — no fuss. It doesn’t sting the eyes and leaves my skin feeling great, not dry.

4. Helps cracked heals

When the weather is good and you’re feet are tired from wearing the heals and flip-flops and you can see the wear and tear on your feet — coconut oil is to the rescue! Just cover your feet in it and put socks on right before bed and you’ll wake up with the most amazing-looking and feeling feet.

5. Moisturizer for my face

I am terrified of getting wrinkles and have been using anti-aging moisturizer for along time. Since adding coconut oil to my routine, I am noticing not only is it helping to stop any new wrinkles from forming, it gives my skin the most amazing glow,

6. Removes those small white bumps from your arm

If you know what I’m talking about then you know what I am talking about. The tiny white bumps that form on the backs of your arms that no one really knows what they’re from or how to get rid of them. I used coconut oil on my arms and within a week those bumps were gone and have not returned.

7. Smooths out any cellulite when used daily

I swear it works miracles for any skin issues including cellulite and stretch marks. My skin is looking so much smoother and if you use it consistently I am certain you will find the same thing. While I am sure it won’t get rid of stretch marks, but it does make them less red and less noticeable, which is a great bonus!

8. To get rid of yeast or yeast infection

I kid you not and it works well. If you have a yeast spot anywhere you sweat, use coconut oil for a few days and it will be gone. If you have athlete’s foot or fungus on your toes, use coconut oil and it will be gone. If you’re a woman who’s dealing with a yeast infection — using coconut oil as you could the topical cream you can buy and it will work. It also works well for thrush for breastfeeding babies.

9. Reduce frizz and stray-aways in hair

So, not only is it great for moisturizing your hair with a hair mask, it also helps smooth away those pesky static-frizzed hairs. Simply rub a bit of coconut oil in your hand and swipe over your hair and it will hold place and moisturize at the same time without feeling crunchy like some hair gels can.

10. Relieve the chapped nose from blowing your nose during a cold

I get the worst chapped nose when I am sick from blowing and wiping my nose all the time. Now I don’t have to worry about that because I just smooth on some coconut oil when I feel my nose getting sore and it stops it from developing. It’s also amazing for chapped lips too!

Photot credit: adapted from  pontman | Flickr

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