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Top 5 Weekend-Wasting Video Games


Finally, that long week is over and your weekend is about to begin.  It’s cold outside and your girl wants you to go with her to visit her parents, but you definitely don’t wish to do that.  Why not get your pizza place on speed dial and grab a 2-4 of beer and settle in for any man’s favourite past time – VIDEO GAME WEEKEND! Let’s begin:

1. Skyrim:

With over 200 hours of game to play including slaying dragons, finishing quests, and getting Lydia to “carry your burdens” (you’ll never get tired of hearing that) there should be no problem filling your entire weekend. Make sure to check out the huge MODing community to enhance your game and your experience.

2. Sid Meier’s Civilization V:

“Just one more turn” is what you will inevitably tell yourself as you take on the role of your favourite leader.  I’ve spent so many hours immersed in that world. Hours I could have spent studying, doing sit-ups or making actual human connections, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything… unless you give me your oil and 7 gold per turn.

3. The Walking Dead:

Although some may not categorize this as a game, you’ll be hard pressed to find a story as gripping or your decision-making ability tested like this game does.  The decisions are difficult and final and they have real consequences as the game plays out.  If you don’t end up second guessing yourself and wanting to start over at least 7 times, then you’re not really playing it.

4. The Mass Effect Trilogy:

This game trilogy is one of my favourites of all time.  Make love and war as the ultimate bad-ass SPECTER, Commander Shepard.  A trilogy with lots of shooting, blowing things up, a great story, and real decisions that follow you from game to game make for an awesome weekend. And hey, you can have sex with a blue alien…

5. Grand Theft Auto V:

Look out SAPD! You’re booting up everyone’s favourite sandbox crime thriller.  What can’t you do in this newest installment of Rockstars franchise title?  Play as Michael, Franklin, and … Ummm …. that crazy guy robbing banks, purchasing “adult entertainment”, and  visiting your shrink (yep, you can do that).  You can literally fill your weekend hardly touching the main story line missions.

Trust me, I wish I listened to my own advice, “yes, I can’t wait to see your parents. Yes, I’m wearing that sweater your mother bought me.”

Photo credit: adapted from włodi | Flickr

Enjoy your weekend guys, have a beer for me!

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Patrick McGuinness

Patrick McGuinness is an attorney-by-day and Neftlix-binger by night who likes baseball and can quote PLL like a boss. He lives in Toronto with his stunning girlfriend who makes fun of him for his TV choices.

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